Our Team


Our Team

We are Ray Anthony & Beth Ann Iavasile.

Married in 2014, we are very aware of the value of finding a talented wedding photographer. We wanted to find someone who had the sensitivity to capture our unique wedding day story. What we received is so much more! Photos that make us relive and feel the emotions of each moment of that beautiful December day in Castellabate, Italy! As a husband and wife team, this is the gift we want to share with you.


On our wedding day, we were in our own world, mindful of each beautiful moment together, and free to celebrate. It was like our photographer wasn’t even there, yet his photographs are a window for us to forever relive this day.


Meet Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony is recognized by the Wedding Photojournalists Association as a Top International Wedding Photographer and among the Top 50 Best Wedding Photojournalists in the world. Giving you unlimited time on your wedding day, Ray provides you with a tireless passion and pursuit to capture unforgettable photographs. He understands that for your photos to be impactful, memorable, and filled with emotion and surprise, you need to be free to celebrate in the moment and without interruption all day long. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, Ray is laser focused, mindful, present, and always attentive to you and all that is going on around you. When your wedding day is over, he will deliver to you incredible images that cause you to experience, relive and celebrate each beautiful moment of your wedding day.


Meet Beth

Though not a photographer, Beth is the smile in our business, providing expert care to the specialized needs of our clientele on the wedding day. She spent years working with Hollywood celebrities as a corporate flight attendant. Having catered to their specific (and sometimes eccentric) needs, winning them over with her attention to detail and her positive attitude, you too, will be given the "STAR" treatment.


Meet Our Associates

Each of our Associate Photographers offer you their own individual talent and professionalism. Trained by Ray Anthony as wedding photojournalists, our Associate Photographers attend your wedding day completely dedicated to you. They are fully mindful, present and attentive to photographing the unfolding story in front of them. You will meet one or more of them on your wedding day providing additional photographic coverage with Ray Anthony to provide the most comprehensive collection of wedding photographs possible. We also offer the option to commission one of them, or a team of them, without Ray Anthony present, as your wedding photographers. Click on each of their names below to see their portfolios.


Lead Associate Photographer


Associate Photographer/ Post-Production Manager


Associate Photographer


Lead Associate Photographer